Baseballbane - Arena Akustikk

There are many different approaches for these field designs. Designs will vary based on location of power, press box (if present), coverage, voice/music requirements and SPL levels needed.

ALTERNATIV 1 - 3 stk Go2 8CX, 1stk OS80 eller OS90, 1 stk DNA5K4c

This common set-up utilizes (1) OS product, mounted on top of the press box to cover the field. (1) Go2 8CX are mounted under the press box eaves to cover the center, left and right side bleacher section. Add an OS115 or THmini15AT for additional low-end.

ALTERNATIV 2 - 2 stk OS80, 1 stk DNA5K4c

When neither power nor a press box are available near home plate, (2) OS80 are mounted high on poles behind left/right fields, aimed to cover the field and bleachers.

ALTERNATIV 3 - 1 stk OS100, 1 stk DNA5K4c

This option is used in small fields where lower output is needed. Typically (1) OS100 is mounted on a pole behind center field facing in, towards home plate, or off of the press box.

ALTERNATIV 4 - 3 stk OS80, 1 stk DNA5K4c (som vist på illustrasjon over)

When higher SPL is required, (3) OS80 are mounted on the press box to cover L, R and center. An OS115, TH118AT or THmini15AT is recommended for low frequency extension.